Power transmission steel tower fall arrester

What is a power transmission steel tower fall arrester?

The steel tower fall arrester protects operators against falls when moving up and down angel steel and steel pipe tower on the overhead transmission line, and while moving horizontally.

Connects the operator's safety belt to a vertical wire.
When a fall occurs, the brake engages to stop the operator from falling.

A device that prevents falls by connecting the operator’s safety belt to a horizontal wire.

Device for continuously supporting and fixing vertical wires on a tower.

Device for continuously supporting and fixing horizontal wires without joints on the tower arms.

Device that terminates vertical and horizontal wires at the vertical and horizontal end clamps.
It fastens and supports the wire preventing breakage and wire connection failure even under accelerated load caused by falls.

Refers to SUS(Steel Use Stainless) 316 materials in 3/8 inch(9.5mm) (7×19)

Vertical fall arrester has an expansion/contraction function that applies appropriate tension to the wire of the vertical fall arrester.

Device to prevent damage caused by wire contacting the vertical and horizontal intermediate clamps.

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